Five Reasons Your Motorbike Isn’t Starting

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Just like cars, there are times your motorcycle will refuse to start. While it may be a more serious concern at times, most of the time it is an issue you can sort out yourself. Below are three Reasons your motorcycle may refuse to start.


The fuel system is a culprit which can cause those hard starts in the morning. If your tank is empty, you will have problems starting the motorcycle. Always refill when the low fuel light illuminates. Shake the bike, you should hear the telltale slosh of fuel inside the tank. Another problem could be a clogged fuel tank or filter. You can choose to clean the system yourself or seek the services of a mechanic.


To crank up the starter, your battery should have optimum power. A battery with low charge will not start the bike, especially during the cold winter mornings. Keep your battery charged at all times to avoid inconveniences. Besides low charge, it could also be that your battery can’t keep charge at all. No matter how long you recharge, it will keep draining power. In this case, you will need to replace it.


If you start the bike with the gear engaged, you should pull the clutch properly. If the clutch doesn’t engage as required the bike will jerk and won’t start. In this case, switch to neutral and start it again. If it doesn’t, explore other options as it isn’t a clutch problem.

The above are the common culprits when your bike fails to start. Check each of the components and if the problem isn’t any of the above, you should call a mechanic to diagnose the problem.