Eye health for Bikers

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Riding a bike can play havoc with your skin, especially if you have an open faced helmet rather than one with a visor. You can suffer from a range of issues including sunburnt skin and dry eyes. The good news is that there are several things you can do to help your skin, even if you don’t want to wear a visor.

Lotions and potions

You should always wear sunscreen, even in winter. If your face is going to be exposed to the elements, sunscreen is the quickest and simplest way to help the skin stay hydrated. The delicate skin around the eyes would probably benefit from a little retinol eye serum too. if you have a complete skincare routine that includes retinol eye serum as well as a good cleanser and moisturiser then your skin will stay healthier looking for longer.

Eye tests

It might sound obvious but if you ride a bike it is important to have regular eye tests. It only takes a split second for disaster to happen while on a bike, particularly at high speeds, so make sure your eyes are the best they can be, and if you need glasses, it is important to check the prescription hasn’t changed.

On the inside

It is well known that water is the most refreshing drink, but not many people understand the effect that drinking plenty of fresh water can have on the body. Not only will it keep you hydrated, it can help your skin to look brighter and younger. Your cognitive function will be improved, which will help you keep your wits while riding and your digestive system will thank you for it, and when you are healthy on the inside your confidence will be boosted. If you keep up the skincare routine, with retinol eye serum, you know you will look great every time you climb on your bike.

Everyday biking

If you follow these tips for healthy skin, then even if you ride every day with an open faced visor, your skin will look great. Of course, wearing a visor would be better, but you don’t get that same feeling of freedom, which is one of the best things about being a biker. So drink at least 2 litres of water each day, have a good skin care routine and use sunscreen regularly, the easiest way to be the best looking biker around!