Motorcycle Riding After Breast Augmentation; Why Choose the Right Implants?

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A woman on two-wheelers is a common sight. Why? Because motorcycle riding isn’t a difficult task at all. In fact, motorcycle riding is now an outdoor hobby for most women. For women who have undergone breast augmentation, it is a form of light exercise aimed at ensuring they stay fit during healing. But how important is your breast implant choice when it comes to riding?


Your comfort is one of the most critical aspects when riding a motorcycle. That’s where Motiva Ergonomix breast implants come in. As the name suggests, these implants are designed with the principles of ergonomics in mind. Motiva Ergonomix implants are also known to behave like natural breasts.

While how long it takes to fully heal after breast augmentation depends on several factors, you should be able to start light activities (such as riding) in just a few days after the procedure. From the type of attire and riding posture to seat height and everything in between, many things will go into determining your comfort on the bike.

Note that your choice of breast implant is a crucial factor when it comes to comfort. The implants should be of the right size and not weigh too heavily on your chest. So, ensure you get it right (you can discuss this with your surgeon).