When To Replace Your Motorcycle Battery

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The battery is amongst the most crucial parts of the bike. Unfortunately, most motorcycle battery issues are addressed when it’s too late – usually when you’re stuck on the road or when the battery is already dead.

You should check the battery on a schedule for irregularities or damages. Their are signs you can look out for that indicate the battery is dying and needs a check. They include:

Older battery

A motorcycle battery should be replaced after three or four years if you ride regularly. This prevents any breakdown surprises.

Motorcycle won’t start

If your bike fails to start or experiences startling when you run the engine, it could be a dead battery. To determine whether the battery needs to be replaced, use the battery meter to find out the levels the battery can deliver. If the numbers are low, you need to change it.

Discharged battery

If you’ve discharged your battery completely multiple times, the cells could also be dead. A motorcycle battery can only sustain this a couple of times before failing to charge again fully.

Voltage range

Use a multi-meter to test your battery’s voltage range. The best time to test it is when the bike is off. Check if the battery voltage sits around 12.6 at rest. If its lower than that, it could be time for a replacement.

You can take the battery to a local motorcycle dealer shop for charging and testing. The test will indicate the battery health and assist you in deciding whether you need to change it.

Replacing the battery

If their is a need for a replacement, remove the battery safely. First locate the battery’s access point, in most cases its housed under the seat. Lift the seat to get to the battery that is secured by a strap. Once you remove the straps, disconnect the battery leads. Remove the negative first to avoid electrical shock or sparks.

Then check out the cable connections, if there is any corrosion, clean it off with a wire brush. This ensures that your new battery connects well with your motorcycle’s electrical system.

From there, use the manual to identify the correct type of battery to replace or use the old battery as a reference. Buy a new battery from a trusted dealer to ensure you purchase one that is good quality.

It’s essential to check your battery regularly and change it when needed to allow smooth running. You can extend the lifespan of your battery by following a few important rules. Avoid only driving on short distances; occasional long distances let the battery fully charge itself.

Don’t let your bike stay in storage for long periods, a spin once in a while helps. Finally, don’t attach too many electrical accessories to your motorcycles such as alarms and additional lights as they will drain the battery power.