Top 3 Electric Motorcycles of 2020

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Electron powered motorcycles are here, and they are promising to take over the industry. Think DIY friendly bikes with lighting fast acceleration, whilst running on sustainable energy. This combo has allowed EV makers to put up a strong case against oil-powered bikes, and it looks like the electric camp is winning. Combustion motorcycles stand no chance.

Here are the top three electric motorcycles of 2020.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

The electric revolution is proving so disruptive, Harley-Davidson decided to jump in on it. They built a high-quality bike that is incredibly easy to handle and offers unmatched riding comfort. It is powered entirely by lithium-ion batteries but has the ability to deliver the same strength as some of their gas-powered motorcycles.

Everything on the LiveWire is built in-house, including the batteries, motor, and electronics. That assures clients of a high-quality product and above average performance. The range on this beast is anywhere between 146-90 miles, depending on cruising speed.

Zero SR/F

Zero is the Tesla of motorcycles. It’s a relatively new company that has been offering quality electric motorcycles for the last decade. And they claim to sell more electric bikes than all of their competition combined.

The Zero SR/F is one of their best works yet. This motorcycle closes the gap between their previous offerings and modern gas-powered motorcycles. That explains why the SR/F won MCN’s Best Electric Motorcycle in 2019.

Cake Kalk

How does an off roader that won’t wake the neighbors sound? Like a dream come true.

Cake Kalk offers a slim, industrial design e-bike with an affordable price tag to match. It might strike you as a DIY project from far, but the level of engineering and work that goes into building these bad boys is on another level. The Cake Kalk packs a top speed of 56 mph and a range of 86 miles. But just like most EV’s, the distance traveled depends on the average speed of the ride.