The Zontes R 310 Is Here

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The Zontes R 310 rides are smooth because the controls are light, bars are easy to reach, and it has big mirrors. It’s also easy to handle as it has a low 807mm seat and weighs just 145kg. It offers a natural sporting sitting position with a slightly canted forward riding position. The positioning isn’t too cramped for bigger riders.

It’s the best motorcycle for beginners because the steering is on the slow side of neutral. It features ABS-assisted rear and front breaks and CST tire grips in the dry with remarkable power and bites for the budget kit.

The Zontes R 310 engine is powered with a 312cc single-cylinder, 34bhp and dry-sump motor making it good for over 90mph. It’s well designed for the winter season and plated with nickel and silicon carbide, ABS made by Bosch, diamond-cut aluminium wheels and the fuel injection is from Delphi.

Bronze-finished adjustable levels make the R310 tick. You can also get additional features included at affordable prices such as key-less ignition, LED lights, electric flip-up cap, and swingarm-mounted number plate holder.

The Zontes R310 doesn’t run wide, wobble, weave or wallow. It also doesn’t waft on a cushion of the preferred magnificence.