Important Safety Gear Every Rider Should Have

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Now that you have a new bike, the next thing you should think about is your safety. You need to invest in the right riding gear not because it’s the law, but for your protection. Below are the essential pieces of riding gear every rider should have at all times – whether it’s just a short hop or a long trip.


Helmets reduce the risk of head injuries during accidents by 69%. You have the choice of the full-face helmets or open face. With the former, you don’t need a pair of sunglasses. But with the latter, safety sunglasses will come in handy to protect you from the wind and insects. You can also go for the modular helmets which have flip-up visors – a blend of full face and open face.

When shopping for a motorcycle helmet, make sure it is certified by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (Department of Transport). Another motorcycle helmet certification body in the US is the Snell Memorial Foundation.

Riding gloves

Gloves are not only crucial for safety during accidents, but they are also comfortable in extreme weather such as during winter. Their are different types of motorbike gloves; fingerless, touring, racing, gauntlet, and street gloves just to mention a few.

Unless you are a professional rider, off-road enthusiast or competitor you won’t be needing the full-size gloves. Get several pairs, considering there’s summer and winter. For summer, go for gloves with proper ventilation to reduce sweating. A few other warm gloves will be great for winter. The idea is to make sure you are always in gloves when riding – no excuses!

Motorcycle armor vest

For the casual rider, wearing a full leather jacket can be a hassle. Instead, wear a motorcycle armor vest always. It has been designed to protect all the crucial parts of your body in the event of an accident. When shopping go for one that also includes shoulder and elbow armors to get the best value for your money.

These are the basic pieces of safety gear you should have when riding your bike. One important riding gear we haven’t prioritized is the riding jacket and pants. We understand it’s hard to put on the bulky leather riding suit, but with your helmet on, armor vest, gloves, knee, and elbow caps, you are at least covered. However, if you are going off-road, or you are a competition rider, your leather riding suit is a priority.