How To Maintain Your Motorcycle Chain

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Ignoring chain and sprocket maintenance can make it wear out three to four times quicker than it should. It can even break while you’re riding and wreck your engine, gearbox casings, seat unit swingarm, or even your leg. You need to take care of your chain and adjust it regularly to boost the performance of your bike. Here are the best ways to take care of your chain.


You should be checking your chain and sprockets regularly for free-play in adjustment, wear or damage before every ride. Look out for any rust spots, tight spots by rotating the rear wheel and check the sprocket to ensure that the apexes of the teeth aren’t curved.


Ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned your chain before lubrication because a combination of grit and dirt with grease or chain lube can make a “grinding paste”, reducing the life of the chain.


To boost performance and durability, your motorcycle chain should be lubricated after 300-600 miles. Lubricate the chain after riding and not before. When carrying out your chain care routine, you should consider the type of chain you have and what lubrication is best to use.